The Sugar Mafia: A Conspiracy Uncovered!

sugar mafia

While the rest of the world is grappling with the COVID19 pandemic, in Pakistan, it has receded somewhat from two investigative reports. This resulted in a supposed scandal against the powerful sugar and flour cartels. The sudden surge in sugar prices was a matter of concern for the entire nation. The sudden rise in sugar prices hit the government hard in January (in addition to the adverse effects of the pandemic on the economy). Consequently, they launched an inquiry. There were allegations that government officials deceptively manipulated and controlled markets and supplies to earn abnormal profits on the cost of the population. The sugar mafia was now exposed!

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Sugar Scandal report made public: The sugar mafia.

On Thursday, May 21, 2020, standing by his word, PM Imran Khan made the sugar scandal forensic report public. Despite the fact that his close aides, and top PTI plus opposition leaders were found guilty by the report. The Commission of Inquiry held the following mills accountable in this regard:

  1.     Jahangir Khan Tareen (JDW Sugar Mills)
  2.      Ch. Moonis and Federal Minister Khusro Bakhtiar’s family (Alliance Sugar Mills)
  3.      Salman Shabaaz (Al Arabiya Sugar Mills)
  4.      RY Khan (Hamza Sugar Mills)
  5.      Shamim Khan (Al Moiz Sugar Mills)
  6.      Ch. Idrees and Chaudhry Waheed (Hunza Sugar Mills)

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Unlawful practices of Sugar Mafias;

The Forensic report unmasks serious breach by the sugar businesses. Also confirms their violation of the Pakistan Penal Code in the form of

  1.     Under-reported sugar sales
  2.      Sales of commodities to unnamed buyers (Benami transactions)
  3.      Double booking
  4.      Over-invoicing
  5.      Under the invoiced sale of bagasse and molasses

Furthermore, the report confirmed the involvement of these mills in substantial malpractice such as illegal power production, suspicious export to Afghanistan, price manipulation -to maximize its gains and claim a subsidy, tax evasion, and Cane procurement. Moreover, the reports highlight the mafia’s involvement in corporate frauds.

PM Imran Khan and sugar mafia:

One of the key figures in the “sugar scam” is the man who has played a pivotal role in Imran Khan’s installation as Prime Minister. His political advisor, and bankroller– Jahangir Tareen – was the backbone of Imran Khan’s government.

All these facts have undoubtedly contributed to fuelling the unrest against Imran Khan’s government. Nevertheless, PM Khan has promised to bring the truth to light. He has ensured a lawful investigation and necessary action be taken against the fraudulent. The government is also taking all possible solutions into account.

This controversy is a battle that can cause severe injuries to Khan‘s government. Standing against these powerful cartels can cost Khan Punjab and Islamabad. Even if these governments don’t collapse they will be rigorously weakened.

Jahangir Tareen refuted allegations against him:

After securing an extension in interim bail till May 3, denies any association with sugar crises. He says “none of the 3 FIRs against him mention sugar”. He claims that he has nothing to do with the sugar price surge.

Tareen was an arbiter in both parties and the government. Hence the fact, he had his rivals waiting to settle their scores ready, is unignorable!

Sugar crises In Ramadan:

The economic team praiseworthily brought sugar prices down to R.s 81 per kg a few days back. Unfortunately, sugar prices have once again surged across Pakistan. The sugar prices have gone up to R.s 83 per kg in wholesale markets. Whilst the sugar is being sold at 90 rs/kg in the retail market in Karachi.

Pakistani citizens who have been going through a lot of financial and political crises demand a reduction in sugar prices. They have their hopes high from PTI and PM Imran Khan. Not to be sure of what to expect from the investigation, whether or not will the sugar mafia be punished for their fraud remains unclear. while every citizen hopes for relief in the near future which on the basis of current reports seems quite difficult!

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